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TumbleTek was founded by Jocelyn and Warde Allan. As a collegiate cheer coach and a former collegiate gymnast, the Allan’s are committed to teaching students the tumbling skills they need to excel in their chosen discipline. The TumbleTek curriculum was designed with the students' best interests in mind. Whether your child's passion is tumbling, cheerleading, gymnastics or dance, TumbleTek can provide the technical training needed to become a powerful and beautiful tumbler. Come see what a difference our highly skilled coaches and positive environment can make in your child’s confidence and progression.

Our Beliefs

TumbleTek stands out from the competition because of our core beliefs, values, and our company wide commitment to this philosophy:


Our company values honesty and commitment to our customers. We will strive to provide a trusted product to all our clients.


We will enforce and encourage safety at all times. We will work to help students become mentally, physically and emotionally ready to succeed. A student is least at risk when they are fully prepared to perform skills.


Proper skill progression and student readiness will always be put at the top of our priority list. We want our students to understand technique and feel proud as they master each technical skill.

Positive Coaching

Our coaches strive to provide a positive, character-building experience while motivating students to excel and move to the next level.

Why is Technique So Important?

Our students are being prepared to gain body awareness and tumble correctly. Learning fundamentals and perfecting technique allows our students to progress with fluidity into advanced tumbling skills.

Tumbling classes

The staff at TumbleTek is passionate about teaching technique in a fun environment. Children who are physically and mentally prepared to succeed will become quick and effective learners.

Great technique not only creates beautiful tumblers, it allows students to gain strength and progress quickly to perfecting more advanced skills.

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