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StuntTek Overview


StuntTek is an exciting new program that has been developed to provide a high level of technical cheerleading instruction as an alternative to all-star cheerleading.  We have assembled an impressive staff of cheerleading instructors in order to be the best option to prepare young athletes for participation and competition opportunities at the high school level and beyond.  We have made a conscious decision to focus our time and resources on proper skill progression, rather than preparing for, entering and traveling to competitions.

StuntTek is open to all girls, ages 6 and older, who are interested in learning great cheerleading technique.  We hold a placement in August to form stunt groups and place students on teams (currently, there are three teams -- StuntTek 1, 2 and 3).  If you missed the placement, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we sometimes have openings during the year.

Instructors Include:

  • Jocelyn Allan, Head Coach of BYU Cheer, Former UCA Head Instructor, National Cheer Competition Judge, Choreographer

  • Jaime Ogle, BYU Assistant Coach, National Champion  Cheerleader, UCA Instructor 

  • Ryleigh Bloechel, National Champion Collegiate Cheerleader, High School Cheer Coach, UCA Instructor



StuntTek practices are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights:

  1. StuntTek 1:  6:00-7:00pm

  2. StuntTek 2:  7:00-8:00pm

  3. StuntTek 3:  8:00-9:00pm


Each StuntTek student is also required to be enrolled in at 

least one tumbling class at TumbleTek.

Cheerleading Classes

Practices begin in September, and continue through the TumbleTek Year-End Showcase (end of May).  Because cheerleading is a team sport, and requires an entire stunt group in order to practice, StuntTek students are required to commit (a) to attend practices on both Tuesdays and Thursdays, and (b) to stay with the program from September through May.

Learn Cheerleading Skills


Because we believe that performance is an important component of cheerleading, we will perform at 2-3 exhibition performances throughout the year.  Our objective is to showcase the skills we have been working on, rather than competing for trophies.  This will allow us to give our athletes a performance experience, while continuing to focus on skill progression, rather than spending our whole year focused only on practicing and cleaning a single competition routine.

Performances are generally scheduled on Fridays or Saturdays in winter/spring, and culminate with the TumbleTek Year-End Showcase (end of May).


Our performance uniforms are super cool!  They are a little different from traditional cheerleading uniforms.  They resemble the uniforms worn in high school or college STUNT competitions (i.e. spandex shorts with long sleeved shirts).



Potential StuntTek athletes must be evaluated by our instructors in order to be placed on a team, and be placed in a stunt group within that team.  Our instructors place athletes with the joint objectives of (a) making sure the athlete is in a position where she will have the best opportunity to progress and thrive as an individual, and (b) ensuring that the team has all of the necessary components in place to succeed as a group.

There are four positions in all-girl cheerleading: (1) Main Base, (2) Secondary Base, (3) Back Spot, and (4) Flyer.  Each position is absolutely necessary, and each position involves a different set of skills and characteristics.  Many people initially become interested in cheerleading with a desire to be a flyer, but as they become more involved in the sport, they learn that each of the four positions is fun, challenging and exposes all of the wonderful experiences that cheerleading has to offer.  Each of our accomplished instructors has been placed in various positions throughout their cheerleading careers, and each of these experiences has helped them to advance to new opportunities and become better cheerleaders.  If your desire is to make a high school or college cheer squad in the future, you will be at an advantage if you are open to trying different positions as you learn and advance in the sport.


  • Total tuition for StuntTek, plus the one required tumbling class is $145/month.  Each additional tumbling class is $40 per month.

  • We try to keep uniform costs down (around $100).

  • Cheer Shoes – approximately $65 - $75.

  • No additional cost to participate in the exhibition performances or the StuntTek portion of the Year-End Showcase.  If you choose to participate in the Showcase with your tumbling class, you will pay the separate Showcase participation fee and uniform fee.

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