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TekStudios (Dance)

TekStudios Overview

Welcome to TekStudios, an innovative approach to supplemental dance.  TekStudios is different from most existing dance studios and is designed to work as a supplement to other studio options.  We aim to provide dancers with access to a wide variety of genres on a schedule that fits their busy lives.  TekStudios is a great option for dancers who are on a competitive team or a high school team to find additional technique classes, and we're also a great option for dancers looking for an alternative to a typical competitive studio.

Class Schedule

Our classes focus on technique and skill development.  Our impressive faculty of award winning professional dancers offer instruction in a wide range of styles, including jazz, ballet, contemporary, turns, leaps and legs, tap, ballroom, hip hop and tricks.

Dancers will pick the class type(s) and time(s) that work best with their personal schedule.  In order to be guaranteed a spot in class, dancers must be enrolled in that class and paying tuition on a monthly basis.  Once enrolled, a dancer

TekStudios is currently housed in two beautiful dance studios located above TumbleTek in Draper, Utah.  


will stay enrolled for the remainder of the session (i.e. Fall/Winter Session runs September - May), and tuition will continue to be billed automatically each month, unless the class is dropped.  Tuition is paid in advance on the first day of each month.  Once paid, tuition is not refundable, but it guarantees the dancer's spot in class for the entire month. Changes may be made to a dancer's schedule for the following month, and tuition will not be charged for a dropped class provided that the change is made at least two weeks before tuition is run.

The class schedule below will begin September 5, 2023, and run through May, 2024:

Screen Shot 2023-09-01 at 2.57.55 PM.png

*NOTE: Schedule subject to change.


The Annual Registration Fee is $35 per family.  The Registration Fee covers registration for TumbleTek and StuntTek in addition to TekStudios classes.  The registration fee must be paid annually, whether you are enrolled in monthly classes or purchasing punch cards (there is no registration fee if you are doing a one-time drop-in class). 


We have three tuition options available for TekStudios dance classes:


Option 1 - Monthly ("all you can dance") Membership


You pay one monthly fee ($170/month) and have access to all of our dance classes!  This option is a great deal!  For a cost equal to regular tuition for 4 classes, you can have access to our full schedule of classes, and the flexibility to come as your schedule permits.  We are really excited about this option, and will reserve a healthy number of spots in each class for pass-holders and punch cards; however, you will want to reserve your spot in class ahead of time, as classes will have maximum size limits, so a monthly membership won't guarantee you a spot in a popular class.  The Monthly Membership price will be charged to your account on the first of the month, until cancelled.  (Note: monthly passes can only be used toward TekStudios dance classes--they won't work for tumbling classes, like Dancer Skills Tumbling).

Dancer 1.jpg

Option 2 - Regular Class Registration

Register for set class times (same day and time each week), and pay monthly tuition.  This option guarantees you will have a spot in class each week!  Classes start at $65/month for one class per week, and each additional class receives a multi-class discount, as detailed in the table below. TumbleTek tumbling classes also count toward the multi-class discount (i.e. if you are enrolled in 3 dance classes and 2 tumbling classes, this will be viewed as 5 classes for purposes of calculating tuition).  Tuition will be charged to your account on the first of each month, until cancelled.

Cost per Class

*Master Class Fees vary by teacher.

Option 3 - Punch Cards

We also offer punch cards that give you the flexibility to sample a variety of class types and times.  Punch cards are non-refundable and expire 90 days from purchase.


Punch cards can be purchased by contacting the front desk at (801) 676-9040.  You choose the number of classes and pay for your card in advance.  Cards will be tracked in our computer system, and redeemed each time you check-in for a class.

It is best to call in advance to reserve a spot, as class sizes are limited.  Purchasing a punch card does not guarantee there will be spots available in a given class.

Punch Card Pricing

Our Studios



Please call our customer service to register for TekStudios classes - (801) 676-9040


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