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Wellness and Mental Strength Coaching


TumbleTek is excited to be partnering with our long-time coach, Baylie Divino, to offer wellness coaching services!  Baylie is an experienced coach and former competitive gymnast with a MS in Kinesiology & Wellness Coaching.  She is also a nationally certified Health & Wellness Coach.

As a Wellness Coach, Baylie works with athletes to help them reach their full potential and find enjoyment both inside and outside the gym.   Often, when a child is struggling to progress in sport, the source of their struggles can be traced to issues 

involving anxiety, self-confidence, physical and mental awareness or other mental skills.


Baylie strives to support and guide young athletes to reach their full potential in all facets of life.  She is dedicated to helping athletes gain the tools and skills needed to succeed.  This includes overcoming mental blocks, managing emotions, gaining confidence, and gaining the mental focus necessary to reach goals.  Baylie can help athletes to understand how these concepts apply to sport performance as well as daily life. Whether it’s working through a mental block, finding balance, or believing in oneself, Baylie will work in collaboration with the athlete to create an individualized plan that is focused on what the athlete wants to achieve.


  • Online Wellness & Mental Strength Programming

    • Mental Strength Online Program ​

      • 4 week guided program 

      • Workbook, Exercises, Guided Visualization

  • Individual Personalized Wellness Coaching

    • Mindfulness

    • Stress Management

    • Emotional Intelligence

    • Mind/Body Connection

    • Time Management & Balance

    • Goal Setting & Action Planning

  • Individual Personalized Mental Strength Coaching

    • Mental Toughness

    • Intrinsic Motivation

    • Goal Setting & Action Planning

    • Working through Mental Bocks

    • Increasing Mind/Body Awareness

    • Increasing Confidence & Self-Efficacy


About Baylie


Baylie Divino is a Health & Wellness Coach as well as a former gymnast. She competed for over 10 years at the Junior Olympic level as a level 10 and later as a part of a collegiate team. Throughout her career Baylie learned the importance of her well-being in and outside of the gym. Understanding balance and increasing her ability to listen to her body and mind was key in her success as an athlete but also as a student and young adult. Baylie’s passion for gymnastics, fitness, and the desire to help others led her to major in Exercise & Sport Science while competing as a Division 1 athlete at Southern Utah University. From these experiences Baylie understood the importance of wellness in all aspects of life and went on to obtain a Master’s in Kinesiology and Coaching Wellness from the University of Utah. She has held her Health & Wellness Certification since 2019. Baylie looks forward to helping adolescents work through challenges, increase mental strength, and develop into a well-rounded individual in and outside of the gym.


Baylie has partnered with TumbleTek to provide quality mental strength and wellness coaching right here at TumbleTek’s facility. In addition to working individually with athletes in a wellness setting, Baylie also teaches tumbling classes and is TumbleTek’s Curriculum Development Lead. She is excited to be coaching and partnering with TumbleTek to

provide personalized wellness services. Baylie cares about her athletes and loves helping people to increase self-awareness, overall well-being and to recognize their potential within their performance and sport.

4-Week Mental Strength Program

In this four-week online mental strength training program, Baylie leads students through audio and workbook exercises, teaching mental skills such as mindful thinking & awareness, mental imagery and goal setting.

Booking Appointments

Appointments with Baylie can be booked for either 30 or 60 min.  At times, it is helpful to conduct appointments in the gym setting, and other times it makes sense to sit down and talk outside the gym.  If you are not sure which option will work best for your child, feel free to contact Baylie to discuss.

In the Gym: This allows for the connection of the mind and body in a practical application setting, actively working through mental blocks; learning how to apply visualization, breathing, and mindfulness skills; working through emotional situations (fear, anxiety, frustration, adrenaline) and understanding how to positively respond in a beneficial way.

Outside the Gym:  In person meetings are conducted at TumbleTek, but FaceTime/Zoom/Phone meetings are also an option. Discussing topics such as goals, plans of action, mindfulness/awareness skills, breathing techniques, relaxation, visualization, etc. 

For more informaton, please contact Baylie directly:


Phone: (801) 869-0305


Instagram: @bayliedivinowellness


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