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Virtual Classes

Stay fit and keep your skills strong when you can't get to the gym

Follow along as our highly qualified instructors lead you through classes that can be done at home with little or no equipment

One subscription gets you unlimited access to Virtual Class content for all levels

Classes include pre-school, beginner to advanced tumbling and cheerleading

STUNTTEK (Cheerleading)

The Cheerleading curriculum covers motions, jumps, conditioning and dance. Classes are divided into 3 levels based on experience. Increasingly difficult content will be added from week to week.


Start to introduce your little one to tumbling with these fun classes.  Best for kids who are 18+ months.

This is our beginner level for ages 6+. Start here if you're not yet doing handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and back-walkovers with confidence.


These students can perform multiple back handsprings while maintaining momentum, round-off handspring tucks and should have at least started working standing tucks with a spot. Some will have a layout.


These students should be able to perform handstands, cartwheels, round-offs and back-walkovers with confidence.


At a minimum, these students should be doing a full twist on the spring floor.

Fun classes for children, ages 3-6. Classes focus on developing the fundamentals of tumbling. 



These students should be able to perform standing back handsprings and round-off back handsprings with confidence.


Basic tumbling skills geared toward boys.  Beginner to advanced levels.

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Tricking skills for break-dancing, dance, parkour.

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