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TumbleTek Policies and Procedures

Billing:  All tuition and fees at TumbleTek will be collected by automatic payment. All parents, by signing this form agree to the billing policy, penalties and policies regarding billing, late fees, etc. Tuition is NOT assessed on a per class basis.  All tuition is figured as a cost average for the year of classes. 


Should ANY change in your child’s class schedule occur (including frequency of class, days per week or dropping enrollment) it must be reported to TumbleTek in the form of a CHANGE/DROP REQUEST.  These requests MUST be formally submitted to TumbleTek before the 15th of the preceding month to avoid your card being charged the following month. TumbleTek is unable to make any change on an account that is reported after the 15th of the month. No make up classes will be held at TumbleTek. 



Past Due: All tuition is due on the 1st of the month.  Tuition that is more than 5 days overdue will be considered LATE and a fee of $10 will be added to that month’s tuition.  Accounts that are 30 or more days overdue will be subject to collections and the students name will be removed from the TumbleTek rolls.  No refunds will be issued due to any circumstances other than severe prolonged illness. Should you choose to discontinue in the middle of the month, you will still pay for that current month’s tuition.  (See “change/drop request” above).



Showcase: TumbleTek will hold an end of the year “Showcase” during the month of June.  All students will be invited to participate with their class in the Showcase as long as they are regular class attendees.  Students will learn showcase choreography both during regular class hours and during some extra scheduled rehearsal times throughout the year.  Attendance is crucial for choreography practices.  Students who do not attend choreography practices will not be able to participate in the Showcase.  Showcase participants will pay a $40 recital fee and will need to purchase a TumbleTek uniform.  More info on uniforms and the Showcase will be announced in January.


Safe/Positive Environment: TumbleTek will strive to provide a safe and positive environment for all students.  It is our policy that all instructors will teach skills in proper progressions to ensure student safety.  Parents and students will not dictate which skills are taught.  Instructors will use their professional training to determine which skills students are physically and mentally prepared to perform.  All parents and instructors will treat each other with respect.  NO PARENTS will be allowed to enter the gym area during class instruction—all viewing will be done from the parent waiting room.   Any parent who is, in the opinion of TumbleTek, deemed to be creating a disruptive or negative environment will have their child dismissed from enrollment in TumbleTek classes.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is detrimental to the TumbleTek goal of creating a positive environment.

X___________ (initial).


Drop Off/Parking: TumbleTek does not have unlimited parking at our facility.  There are 4 other tenants that are sharing the parking lot spaces in our building.  If parking spaces are full, we encourage TumbleTek patrons to park along the street in front of TumbleTek.  Do not park in the spaces for neighboring buildings.  You may be asked to move your vehicle if it is parked in spaces designated for another business. 

Drop off can be done smoothly at TumbleTek by dropping students off at the North West corner of the building and then continuing to circle around the grey building to the WEST for exit.  This will allow cars to exit smoothly after drop off.  Please do not block any entrances or intersections during drop off or pick up.


Siblings: We have a wonderful parent viewing room at TumbleTek.  This room was created so that parents can come into the gym and observe a class from time to time.  We do not mind if younger siblings come to watch, but parents agree to be responsible for their young children while they are in the building.  Running, screaming or rough play will not be allowed in the viewing room or in the lobby area.  Parents will make sure that children do not damage any part of the facility.  Should any damage occur, parents agree to be responsible for that damage and for costs associated with the repairs or cleanup.  Please help us keep our facility nice for all of our students.

X____________ (initial)


As parent or guardian of __________________________________________(child’s name), I hereby  verify by my signature below that I fully understand and agree to all TumbleTek policies and procedures as a condition to my child being permitted to participate in classes, events and activities conducted by TumbleTek.


X(sign)________________________________________________________________________ Date____________



Saturday Clinic and Master Classes: TumbleTek will be holding many optional Saturday clinics (such as Ariel Clinics, Back Handspring Clinics, Tuck Clinics, Full clinics, etc.).  These clinics are meant to give intensified work on specific skills.  TumbleTek Students will be given 1st priority registration for all clinics and Master classes.  If clinics do not fill up, sign ups will be opened to outside students who wish to sign up for a clinic.  Prices for each clinic will be announced as each clinic is scheduled. 

Master classes will be held on Saturdays much like clinics.  Master classes provide intensified instruction from guest instructors who will be brought in to teach.  These classes are an amazing opportunity for TumbleTek students to experience a variety of AMAZING, world-class coaches.  Master classes may have a certain skill level requirement and will also vary in cost based on the master instructor.  We encourage students to take advantage of these amazing opportunities as they come along.

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