Jocelyn Allan

Jocelyn is the Owner and Director of TumbleTek, Jocelyn has over 30 years of tumbling, gymnastics and cheerleading experience. Jocelyn works for the BYU Athletic Department as the Head Coach of the 3 time National Champion and nationally ranked BYU Cheer Squad. She has served on the judging circuits for high school, college and all-star cheer competitions in Utah, Arizona, California, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada and Washington. She has served as a head judge for multiple national qualifying events and judged the West Coast Cheerleading Championships at Disneyland and Universal Studios. She has been invited to judge the High School Cheerleading Nationals in Orlando, Florida, and has worked as a professional representative for Varsity Spirit Corporation in multiple capacities since 1997. Jocelyn was a head instructor for the Universal Cheerleaders Association and has travelled all over the country teaching cheerleading and tumbling to youth and high school students. Jocelyn was a four-year scholarship member and captain of the BYU Cheer Squad, where she continued to use her skills to develop youth cheer and tumbling camp curriculum for the University's sports camps. 

As a skilled choreographer, Jocelyn has choreographed championship routines for high schools and universities all over the western United States and Canada. She has always had a passion for tumbling technique and began her training in competitive gymnastics and dance at the age of 4. She is a two time UCA All American award recipient and has been invited to perform in New York City and London. Her tumbling passion led her into the field of coaching and she has enjoyed coaching tumbling and cheerleading since 1993. Jocelyn majored in Human Development (Child and Adolescent studies) at BYU. Her love for coaching was enhanced by her studies in child development and she continues to love working with youth. Jocelyn is a certified instructor with USA Gymnastics and has also received several other certifications, including AACCA (American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators) safety certification, and ASFA (American Sports and Fitness Association).

Warde owns and operates TumbleTek, along with his wife Jocelyn. Warde was heavily involved in competitive gymnastics while growing up in Calgary, Alberta, where he won multiple Provincial championships in individual events and the all-around. He rose to the highest levels of competitive gymnastics while competing in the junior national program in Canada. Warde trained under world-class coaches Kelly Manjak and Tony Smith (both Canadian Olympic Coaches), and Mako Sakamoto (1984 Gold Medal Team USA Olympic Coach, BYU Head Coach 1986-2000).  He attended high school at the National Sports School as part of the Olympic Development Program in Calgary, Canada. In 1996, he chose to come to the United States when he received a scholarship to join the nationally ranked BYU Men’s Gymnastics Team. During his four years at BYU, Warde’s team had multiple top 5 finishes at the NCAA National Championships. He has coached both youth and advanced level gymnastics and is a USA Gymnastics certified instructor. Warde is also a licensed attorney. He has several years of experience practicing corporate law, but can now be found teaching the SWELL 136 Gymnastics classes at BYU in the mornings, and managing/coaching at TumbleTek in the evenings.

Warde Allan

Nola Rawson

Nola grew up as a swimmer but while living in Ohio her 8 year old begged and begged to do gymnastics.  She then became involved with teaching at her daughters gym which helped pay for the expensive sport of competitive gymnastics.  She has certified with numerous gymnastic coaches training programs and has built up years of experience perfecting her coaching skills.  Nola specialized in teaching the competition developmental programs where young advanced gymnasts were put on the fast track for elite skills. She moved to Utah in 1998, where she continued coaching children ages 18 months to 9 years old.  Many of her former students have gone on to become elite and recognize gymnasts including the well known Makenna Merrell Giles.  She was the program director at the gymnastics school where she worked for 18 years here in Utah.  She was in charge of creating the lessons plans for multiple gym programs and for making sure the theme weeks were always fun for the kids.  In total, Nola has coached gymnastics for 21 years and all of her students love her dearly.  Nola is a USAG coach who loves working with TinyTek students.  She continues to stress  the importance of a fun atmosphere while learning proper tumbling technique here at TumbleTek.

Sarah Huppi-Campbell

Sarah is a Certified Athletic Trainer, as well as a former level 10 gymnast and USAG certified coach.  She competed heavily in gymnastics for 13 years and has 10 plus years of coaching experience at gyms throughout the state of Utah.  Sarah’s passion for gymnastics, teaching, and caring for others led her to pursue a career in sports medicine.  She obtained a degree in athletic training from SUU and has been certified since 2013.  She is also a member of the National Athletic Training Association.  Sarah has been working as an Athletic Trainer for the BYU Athletic Department for the last two years. 


In addition to serving as one of TumbleTek's highly qualified tumbling coaches, Sarah is our primary resource for the initial assessment and care for any injuries that may occur during TumbleTek classes.  Sarah is also available to work with students, on an appointment basis, to provide injury prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services right here at TumbleTek's facility.  Sarah loves coaching tumbling and is thrilled to be partnering with TumbleTek to provide sports medicine services.  Sarah cares about her athletes and loves helping people recognize their potential, make improvements, and optimize their health.

You can learn more about Sarah's Sports Medicine services by clicking on the "Sports Medicine" tab at the top of the page, or by calling (801) 676-9040.

Jaime Ogle

Jaime Ogle- Jaime started tumbling at the age of 5.  She did gymnastics at Rocky Mountain Gymnastics under the direction of Missy Marlow. Her relatives opened up a competitive cheer program and after a elbow injury that caused limited mobility, she transitioned to competitive cheer. Jaime learned quickly and by the age of 9 she was performing elite skills and competing on a level 5 team. She competed at The Cheerleading Worlds  9 times and her senior year won the Bronze medal in the Small Coed 5 division against 89 other teams. This same year she was awarded the USASF scholarship which is given to athletes who excel not only in the sport but in academics as well. She won several national titles in her 16 years an All Star cheerleader. She coached all levels (1-5) for 6 years. After High School Jaime joined UCA and taught summer camps all across the country. She was also a member of the BYU cheer squad all four years and competed at UCA College Nationals nationals with the team every year. Her junior year she competed in Australia and won an international title as well as the high score for the entire competition. Jaime is AACCA certified and USAG certified. She has been a part of the Tumble Tek family for 2 1/2 years and loves spotting fulls and working with all of the amazing athletes. She recently graduated from BYU and is the assistant cheer coach at BYU along side Jocelyn Allan.

Baylie Divino

Baylie grew up in Sandy Utah, competing at a competitive level for 10 years at Olympus Gymnastics under Mary Wright. As a level 9 gymnast she he held numerous state titles as well as placed 7th in the nation at the Western Level 9 Championships. She competed as a level 10 gymnast for 5 years and won multiple state titles and qualified for the Jr Olympic National Invitational Tournament in 2009.  She also qualified for the Junior Olympic Level 10 National Championships in 2012! After her club career, she moved onto college gymnastics. At SUU she competed on a full ride gymnastics scholarship, earning the WAC Academic All Conference Achievement award.  Baylie graduated from SUU with a bachelors degree in Exercise Science. After college she became a USAG certified coach and pursued her love of gymnastics through coaching at TumbleTek.  She has a passion for helping kids realize the potential and the capabilities that they have within themselves through tumbling. 

Kendall Mecham

Kendall began her gymnastics career at USA gymnastics world at the age of 5. During her 17 years as a competitive gymnast, she has earned countless awards. At a young age, Kendall competed on the TOPS team for strength and conditioning. At the age of 14 she was competing as an all around, level 10 gymnast, qualifying for 6 regional championships. Kendall has taken 1st place in the all around, beam, and bars at two of her level 10 State Championships meets. Her senior year of high school, she committed to BYU to be a part of the gymnastics team. Kendall continued her training as a collegiate gymnast, specializing on bars and beam. Kendall has coached young athletes for 5 years and continues to have a love and passion for tumbling. Kendall is married to Joey Mecham, a former BYU and University of Utah lacrosse player.

Macey Davis

Macey competed as a level 5 all-star cheerleader for 8 years. She competed at the Cheerleading Worlds competition 5 times, won three paid bids, and took the bronze medal with her team in 2013. She has been coaching both tumbling and stunting technique for four years and is a regular judge at cheer competitions across the state. Macey won the USASF silver scholarship in 2015 for outstanding achievement in both academics and athletics-an achievement that highlights her amazing dedication to powerful tumbling and stunting. Macey is starting her third year as a cheerleader at BYU, where she is majoring in political science and communications. She competed with BYU at UCA College Nationals and at the Aussie Gold Championships in Australia where they won an international titles and also the title of highest scoring university. Macey is a USA gymnastics certified instructor and loves choreographing routines, teaching students to improved their tumbling power and working at TumbleTek. 

Abby Rieder

Abby is an award winning level 10 gymnast, who trained and competed in the Junior Olympic and Collegiate program for 12 years. During her competitive years, Abby was selected for the TOPS National Program and invited to the National Gymnastics Training Center with Bela and Martha Karolyi. She is a 10-time State medalist, 7-time Regional qualifier, and National qualifier with many All-Around titles. Abby was a selected for the Brigham Young University gymnastics team. She contributes much of her success to her club coach, 1984 Olympic Gymnast, Dima Raynova. Abby's work ethic earned her a spot as captain of her club gymnastics team in Pennsylvania.   Her tumbling abilities also helped her earn a spot on the Brigham Young University cheerleading team where she is a three year member. Abby is a USAG certified instructor and has been coaching gymnastics and tumbling for 5 years. She is excited to share her passion and love for tumbling, gymnastics, and coaching with the students at TumbleTek. 

Shae Reagh

Shae has been tumbling since the age of 5. Her love for tumbling and gymnastics lead her into competitive cheerleading.  She competed around the country as a level 5 all-star cheerleader, and was awarded "best all around cheerleader" within several of her teams. She continued on to become a Varsity high school cheerleader, then onto a Collegiate Cheerleader where she received one of the few full ride scholarships allotted on her team. Shae has many years of coaching experience and has taught tumbling for pre school levels through various advanced levels.  She is a USA gymnastics certified instructor and enjoys furthering her coaching education through various course certifications.  She loves working with the TinyTeks and is known for her ability to work through tough tumbling mental blocks. Shae enjoys passing on the love she has for tumbling to others, and watching them grow mentally and physically into confident tumblers.  

Mattie Davis

Mattie has been tumbling since she was five years old.  She excelled quickly and has a particular skill for twisting passes.  Her high level tumbling skills transferred easily into the competitive cheerleading environment.  She competed as a level five Allstar cheerleader for 9 years and  has won Dozens of national championships all over the United States and has competed in the Allstar Cheerleading Worlds Championship 6 times. She has experience coaching many Allstar cheer teams and helping them to improve their tumbling technique. Mattie is the silver recipient of the USASF Allstar Scholarship and will now be attending BYU where she will be a member of the cheerleading squad. She is a USA gymnastics certified instructor and loves working with children, choreographing, reading, hiking and working with students at TumbleTek. 

Charlie Bird

Charlie is a member of the BYU Dunk Team. He is extensively trained in tumbling and trampoline. His natural ability for tumbling and twisting allowed him to progress very quickly in his tumbling training.  He also has built an incredible performance resume. He has been featured in many elite performances include tumbling in many NBA halftime shows, doing work for music videos in both tumbling, ticking, dancing and for several Youtube channels.  Charlie is a USAG certified tumbling instructor and has been featured in various "People in Awe"videos. He loves coaching at TumbleTek and has the highest standing tuck of anyone around (open to new challengers).

Katelyn Joyce

Katelyn has had a love for gymnastics since she was very young. At the age of 8 her mom enrolled her in competitive gymnastics.  She excelled very quickly and made it to level 9 where she competed in all events.  Katelyn holds all-around titles and many gymnastics meets and traveled to many states to compete at high levels.  She made the switch to Cheerleading in high school.  She was on the cheerleading team all three years in high school and was the Competition Head her senior year. After she graduated, she worked and taught tumbling for the United Spirit association. As an instructor she taught high school cheer camps in Idaho, Utah, and California. Katelyn has over 6 years of coaching experience, is a USA gymnastics certified instructor and enjoys coaching young students.  She is now a wife and mom of three and she loves sharing her love for tumbling with everyone at TumbleTek. 

Rachel Miller

Rachel began gymnastics at the age of 2 at All-American Gymnastics in Utah.  She quickly began training for compulsory gymnastics competitions and was competing level 5 at the age of 8.  She continued to train under Jamie Wysong and Ron Bunting and went on to become a level 9 gymnast.  She was awarded an All-American Award and continued to perform in exhibitions after her competition career ended.  After retiring from gymnastics, she became an avid rock climber and has a passion for teaching children.  In 2014, she taught English to children in China and continues to love teaching young children here at TumbleTek. 

Sayre Stewart

Sayre has been involved with gymnastics for over 12 years and competed as a level 10 gymnast in Arizona.  He holds multiple titles in multiple gymnastics levels.  His elite tumbling skills earned him recognition as an athlete and a coach.  He has been a competitive boys coach for 3 years and has coached gymmastics levels 5-7. He is currently going to school at BYU and is part of the dunk team, an acrobatic group who do stunts and dunk performances for half time shows and other byu athletic events.  Sayre is a USAG coach who loves working at TumbleTek and his students adore his fun and energetic coaching style.

Lauren Harker

Lauren began gymnastics at the age of 3.  She soon realized that she loved tumbling and started competitive gymnastics at the age of 6. Lauren was a stand out competitor and has extensive training in both running and standing twisting skills. At age 10 she fell in love with competitive cheer and competed on a level 5 cheer team since the age of 10.  She was an athletic flyer and used those athletic skills to compete at the Cheerleading Worlds championships in Florida 7 times--winning the bronze medal at the 2013 Cheerleading Worlds. Lauren received a scholarship to be a member of the BYU cheer squad and is a key member of their competitive squad.  She has coached All-Star Cheer, tumbling camps and stunt clinics for the past 4 years in addition to being a USA gymnastics certified instructor.  She has a special ability to work with young tumblers and loves to watch kids progress in their skills.  Lauren loves coaching at TumbleTek and using tumbling to help students build confidence in their abilities.  

Chelsea Knowles

Chelsea started gymnastics at the age of 3 and competed well into her high school years. She trained under Olympic gymnast Missy Marlowe and continued training at All American gymnastics. She has been heavily involved in Dance, cheer and tumbling and has coached multiple teams in each discipline. She loves working with our TinyTek program and is an amazing TinyTek teacher who loves her students dearly!